Damaged Goods: Please enjoy the normaldom that I will never again be able to experience.
Good things come to those who wait. But only the scraps left behind by those who hustle.
The Scatter Principle: When see ya’ later turns into C-YA turns into to Cover Your Ass.
You can’t change the court of public opinion. Most people are going to simply believe whatever supports their own self-serving preconceptions.
Don’t bother me right now. I’m flushing some intellectual crap out of my head.
Some people are going to hate. It’s second nature for them. Don’t make their path yours.
Not everyone’s going to get it and you can’t make them. Move on, many do and many more will.
You can teach an old dog new tricks. It just takes them longer to learn.
As you capture the present the past and future no longer exist.
If you only have an opinion about social injustices and won’t act?  I’ll do it for you.
Sometimes it’s about perspective and sometimes it’s about the subject matter that you choose or ignore.
Don’t let your past conclusions lock you into a mindset. If you do you will never be open to free association about anything.
Rarely a bad word about anyone. Unconstructive personal criticism usually says more about the person uttering it than the person it’s about.
Life is one big act of volition. 
You just have to own it.
Some call it delusional and some call it a dream. Follow yours anyway.
All you can do is line up the ducks. They will only fall where they want to.
Sometimes the unintended consequences are enough to disregard the original method.
The question is not: What have I done? The question is: What will I do?
It’s never who you know. It’s always who you are.
If you’re thinking something the odds are that millions of others are thinking the same. Have the courage to say it anyway. Even if it’s at your own initial peril.
Isolating yourself from any and all influence in order to create something truly original is a long and arduous task but very necessary.
Don’t search for solutions to a false premise. Think wide open all the time.
A purpose driven life is very hard to live. But one of the most rewarding things you can do.
If they want you they’re going to get you. There’s nothing you can do about it.
Ignorance isn’t bliss. It’s just a lazy, cheap, and easy place to hide.
You may not make a lot of sense from time to time
 but when you boil it all down it's brilliant.
It’s so much fun to re-invent yourself.
 For the ninth time in life!
Good Luck and Good Love.
There is no after the fact.
Miami - “Who knows, it could happen.”
New York - “Are you kidding me?”
People shouldn’t be labeled or put into any category. Why do so many others waste so much time struggling to do it?
Spend Yourself.
It’s free !
Selfish pursuits can blind you. When you want it all, you will fall.
While you fail over and over again in between successes in life you will find that most of the criticism comes from those who don't even try.
Post TBI with ADD with a touch of dyslexia? Why would I want to medicate it?  Life is never boring this way!
When you’re stained with a lot of pain just let it rain then live again.
Take the high road always,
 as you look down you are equal.
Get out of my FACE book. This is only a nook. Take a look, don’t get shook, or you’ll get took.
Gotta’ be dashin’. ‘Cause this is fashion.
Man, I wrote that shit yesterday...
Gonna’ be fashion. Better get dashin’.
Don’t get scared. Get prepared. Makein’ Hits till’ it quits...
Can’t wait. Nothing left late for fate.
Buyin’ sellin’ tradin’
 till’ I’m fadin’.
Don’t really know how this thing goes. One thing I do know is how it flows.
Make your dream the cream of your self-esteem!
In a daze. From a catch phrase. It’s causing a haze. But nothing stays.
Why stop at double. Triple and quadruple entendres rock even more!
Knee jerk reactions are a trip. Some days there’s just more to disregard than others.
Be the best at making things work that shouldn't.
You are ALWAYS the most fortunate one when you are the one that can help.
Things you think are nothing are easily turned into something.
When it takes any effort at all to ignore negativity switch it over to auto-forget mode and then it becomes easy.
Normal is a myth. Many efforts to define it can destroy lives in its process.
The threshold between genius and insanity is very thin and discards many souls that get caught in the wake of early judgment.
It is very difficult to keep it simple.
Switch it up or keep it for nothing.
Don’t judge too much.
It becomes your crutch.
Find a pen when you’re talking to yourself and there's no one there to listen.
Offer nothing but encouragement to everyone you meet.
As old terms, methods and concepts go through a resurgence the multitudes that embrace them as new are a curious breed. I guess that’s what nurtures new...
If you ain’t gonna’ do it in this lifetime? Then don’t do it at all.
Egomaniacally Insidious IS THE END.
When you’re done? And everyone’s on the run? Have more fun!
Strait hustle, no tussle now. Catch me if you can.
Ask me a direct question and I’ll give you a strait answer. Why are so many afraid to ask them? The answers aren't that scary!
An incontrovertible fact: The more you think that you know about something the less you will learn about it.
Pretty simple:
I love your love.
Why point the past at anyone when the future awaits confirmation of the present?
You can never write a long enough sentence or pay enough penance. It’s futile to even try. You can only make peace with yourself.
Don’t fight it. Write it.
Sight it. Ignite it.
Think it’s causative. Only be positive.
Sheep need just enough to not have to think.
Turn a phrase
it always pays.
It always pays
to turn a phrase.
The stuff that people do before the people do the stuff is the best stuff.
The ends by all means is rarely as it seems.
Sometimes it’s the right thing to do even when no-one else around you realizes it at the time.
Don’t fight it. Sight it. Ignite it. Right it.
Most self-righteous judgment is guilt driven projection or simple avoidance of self.
Don’t over-think or you will sink.
Don’t cause a division.
When making a decision.
Keep it goin’ - There is no slowin’.
Keep it goin’ - There is no throw-in.
Stop and look or you’ll get took.
You have to purge.
Before you can truly surge.
When everything’s free 
don’t believe what you see.
You grow cold when you’ve been sold.
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When everything is free you fail to see.
Don’t believe the shadow.  
The shadow never knows.
Living in a box?
Checking all your locks?
Become involved. We’ll
 get this thing solved.
Many conclusions become so accepted that they are indiscernible to the truth.
Running to the Self-Employment Line.
Running in the Self-Employment Line.
Won’t even miss. No need to diss.
Your promise to define. Now you are mine.
I've heard/seen/done it all before. 
Now I've heard/seen done it even more.
Repelling the self-righteous and judgmental while embracing the open minded and free on a daily basis.
Excessive speculation kills solutions.
“Yea Whatever” sometimes means: “I’m Threatened” or “I’m Jealous”
You can’t expect to be understood if you are an original.
Doubters please dig your hole a little deeper. Or start filling them in now.
Haters dig their holes a little deeper. Making their climb out a little steeper.
You can’t defend yourself against other people’s fantasies.
 Sheltering yourself stupid? You can’t stop it. You can only slow it down.
I’s beyond me to believe that people can actually be owned by material possession.
Apparently someone else made up a few rules that are followed by way to many fools.
 Just spill some word.
Like no one heard.
To much of everything isn’t where everything’s at.
Reverse Anachronism:
JOB = Just OBligated.
The Double Meaning and Entondre:
 They trip us UP then trip us OUT.
 The easy way out is NOT for me. If you TAKE it?
You’ll have to FAKE it. From THAT point on.
Let it be said there's no one else instead.
Let it be read there’s more to be fed.
Gotta get out in this limelight.
Where we become shine-like.
Guessers are the lesser. They become confessors.
Most bridges are worth repairing. But some bridges just must be burned.
So that YOU aren't tempted to cross back over them again.
Ripping your soul out is rough. Naked on Broadway is the only way. 
Not in the hallway. Because that would be the small way...
Feeling Surgey. 
Getting Splurgey.
Can’t run from the past. You will not last.
A curse was cast. It’s in the past.
Never caught a grasp. It did not last.
So many preventers.
So few with centers.
Credit is only due for what you’re doing right now.
Stuck in the past? You will not last.
 Adapt every day or you will not stay.
A way of life.
Nothing is new.
 If you don’t do.
Haters are Traitors.
Switchers and Baiters.
Feeding, seeding, leading. Never needing.
Don’t know myself who I am.
Don’t know yourself who you are.
Don’t know them self who they are.
Don’t know themselves who they are.
I'm/your/our/their addicted to rhyme./a/the rhyme.
This/that/it is my/your/our/their time.
Show discretion is
the only lesson.
Being slowly murdered.
Murdered with words.
Another day away.
Another on on the way.
Gotta pick and choose.
Before you lose.
Why do people try to define you?
They’re trying to avoid defining themselves.
Feed the lines.
Let others design.
When everyone spins.
No one wins.
If you try. 
Don’t ask why.
Protestors in a suicidal cage.
Together we all will rage.
If there’s no resort.
There’s no sport/support.
When it brings.
It only stings.
Think in the abstract.
Don’t react. Only act.
Never say when.
Never say then.
If you’re a bitch?
You let/make others twitch.
If you’re a watcher you’re a stopper.
I/you/we/they can only give the advice.
I/you/we/they can’t think twice.
One Hit Wonder. One Hit Winder.
One Hit Finder. One Hit Wander.
What does it all mean?
Mean about what?
Catch few. Cash threw. Crash new. Pass new. Pass few. Pass clue. Past do.
selected works
Lookie Lous. Lookie News. Lookie Lose.
Lookie Lous. Lookie Fuse. Lookie Loose.
We’d better show up.
It’s about to blow up.
A simple fact - You choose to see something in a positive light or you choose to see the exact same thing in a negative light. The choice is entirely yours. Period.
Hard work and sacrifice = success.
Unless what you seek is obscurity.
Others tryin’ to run game.
I still keep it the same.
Take your heart back to the start.
Don’t listen to strangers who say you can’t.
It’s usually because they don’t.
Some are real.
Some can’t feel.
Don’t hesitate. Just create. The two aren’t related.
YOU. Yes, YOU can change the world.
If you care enough about it to spend your time.
Why do so many only perceive the end? The present is only what is perceived right now. Once again, the definitions elude me...
As much as you’ve been given? 
There’s still more to give.
Mobbin’ Robbin’
No Droppin’ No Stoppin’
No stoppin’ just droppin’
No coppin’ just poppin’
No stoppin’ just poppin’
No coppin’ just droppin’
Tripple Entondre - Falling asleep. Falling as leap. Falling as deep.
What’s the point in leaving when your going to stay.
All persons all tenses.
No fences.
Going just to stay.
Going just to say.
Real know real.
Fake know fake.
There is no next. There’s only now.
 Only you can disillusion yourself.
Since / Cents / Scents When / Went
Everybody stare / stair.
Not their / there.
An actual fact is something you
haven't thought of yet.
Abstracting words out without context is tricky. But the non-sequiturs you get back are stunning.
Make mistakes on purpose
You can’t fuck with those who are stuck in neutral. 
You’ll hear them through the grapevine crying on the streets.
A rep you don’t deserve can put you in reserve.
You’ll put yourself in reverse.
When you are not diverse.
Fantasy is a reality of the mind for you to unwind.
Can’t walk out the door without people wanting more.
Perfect People are Perfect Strangers
Perfect People become Perfect Strangers
Perfect People remain Perfect Strangers
It’s not about you. It’s not about me. 
That’s the beauty of empathetic prose.
A+B Never Equals See
A+B Never Equals Me
A+B Never Equals Free
A+B Never Equals Three
A+B Never Equals C
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