selected works
    I have been bawled out, balled up, held up, held down, hung up, bulldozed, blackjacked, walked on, cheated, squeezed, and stuck on the side of the road. Red Cross, Green Cross, and Double Cross; Women's Relief Corps, Men's Relief, and Stomach Relief. I have worked like hell and have been worked like hell, have been drunk and got others drunk; lost all I had then gained it back. I have been cussed, discussed, boycotted, talked to and talked about, lied to and lied about, held up, hung up, robbed and damned near ruined. The only reason I'm sticking around now is to see what the hell is next!  ( My adaptation of anonymous quotes )
Totem - “Blue #3” - 24”x8” - acrylic on canvass
“Faces on the Beach” - 39”x11” - acrylic on canvass
“The Ingratiaters” -  40”x30” -  acrylic on canvass - private collection
Totem - Red #1 - 48”x12” - acrylic on canvass
“Blue #1” - 24”x24” - acrylic on canvass - NFS
“Green #4” - 20”x20” - acrylic on canvass
Totem - Yellow #1 “Eating Eyes / Taking Pills” - 48”x12” - acrylic on canvass
Totem - “Red #2” - 12”x36” - acrylic on canvass - at The Other Side - Orlando
“Homage to Jan Groover” - Photographic Diptych - Durring Art Basel Miami 2010
“Green #3” - 12” round
acrylic on canvass 
private collection
“Faces on the Beach #2” - 39”x11” - acrylic on canvass - private collection
Triptych - “Dope Rhymes” - all 16”x20” - acrylic on canvass 
Art Basel Miami 2011 - private collection
Day One you are leading
Day Two you take a reading
Day Three it’s only feeding
Day One you’ll seed it
Day Two you’ll feed it
Day Three you’ll need it
Day One you know the code
Day Two you feel the load
Day Three you will erode
Day One you want to start
Day Two you have to dart
Day Three you have no heart
Day One it seems OK
Day Two you start to fray
Day Three you will obey
Day One you have a clue
Day Two you seek the few
Day Three there’s nothing new
Day One there’s time for life
Day Two you notice strife
Day Three a sharpened knife
Day One you feel it’s right
Day Two it’s one more night
Day three you’ve lost the fight
Day One you get the feel
Day Two you’re on your wheel
Day Three you want to kneel
“Blue Pants and Hat” - 24”x24” - acrylic on canvass -NFS
“Window to the Soul #2”  16”x12” - acrylic on canvass
“I Don’t do Reality #2” - 12”x12” - acrylic on canvass
“Into the Vortex” - 20”x24” - Photographic Light Painting - edition of 5 - Private collections
“Split” - 18”x18” - acrylic on canvass - private collection
“Green#2” - 16”x20” - acrylic on canvass private collection
“Faces on the Beach #3” - 6‘x20” - acrylic on canvass - at The Other Side - Orlando
Triptych - “Body Faces” - all three 30”x15” - acrylic on canvass - Art Basel Miami 2012 - At the Riviere Miami Beach
Diptych - #1  “Silenced” -  #2  “Elated” - both 24”x24” - acrylic on canvass - NFS
 A teaching tool to illustrate frustration for Miss Pati’s ArtSmart TV
I met this cat who was obsessed with Easter Island but had never been there. I gave him some advice.  I told him to get a job on a freighter in Los Angeles en rout to Australia. You’ll earn some money while on the way... When the freighter is closest to Easter Island set sail and make your way. When you arrive at Easter Island you’ll have some cash and you’ll be set... Because there’s nothing there to spend it on.  It’s only an illusion !
“It’s all true. Even the fabrications” #3
16”x20” - acrylic on canvass - NFS
Perception teeters on a feather tripwire. If you suspend it for inspiration it’s amazes. It can only ground itself temporarily, existing peacefully to sample a moment.
“Surviving Friends” - 10”x10” - acrylic on canvass
“Uneasy Calm” - Red#3 - 18”x18” - acrylic on canvass
“It’s All A Blur” - Photographic Light Painting - 20”x24” Edition of 5 - private collections
 Homage to Miami Reefa “They Glossed Over Peace”
32”x12” - acrylic on canvass - NFS
Spits and spurts and nothing works.
Highs and lows and nothing shows.
Up from lows and now you know.
Now to highs with no disguise.
“Surviving Friends 2” - 10”x10” - acrylic on canvass
“Corner Flow” - Photographic Light Painting
20”x20” - edition of 5
“Eight Faces and Two Bodies” - 32”x12” - acrylic on canvass
Current work available apon request
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“Faces” - series of 25 - All 10”x10” - acrylic on canvass - cannot be split up.
“Exchange” - 16”x20” - acrylic and gesso on canvass
“Billions” - 16”x20” - acrylic and gesso on canvass
“Broke and Busted” - concept
“Economic Boom” - concept
“Extreme Excess” - concept
“Buy Everything” - concept
“With and Without” - concept
“Money Machine” - concept

- New Money -

“Dimple Hands 2” - 10”x10” - acrylic on canvass
Accidental Face in the Sand 5
Camera Motion - Photographic light painting - During Miami Art Basel 2014