johanna's house of glamour
rough trade sampler rough trade sampler 1990, "meet your maker"
promotional, released 1990
1. losing ground
ddv4 doctor death's volume IV, the marvels of insect life
c'est la mort clm29 released 1991
1. dark hour
ddv4 companion doctor death's volume IV, companion disc
c'est la mort clm29b released 1991
1. the unfolding
farewell street farewell street
c'est la mort clm30 released 1992
1. losing ground
2. now
3. pretty promises
4. cosmic dancer
5. another page
6. fell into you
7. blue noon
8. river of change
9. half light
10. do you hear me when i dream?
11. blue u
12. when I loved you
13. next december
14. farewell street
15. eyes of the night
keith d'arcy the moderno wunda-major all-automatic convenience centerette
burning the midnight firefly 2, released 1992
1. distant someday
ddv5 doctor death's volume V, heart's lust in limbo
c'est la mort records clm35 released 1992
1. up five flights
sticky002 i'll procrastinate tomorrow
sticky records sticky002 released 1993
1. only lonely love
dist someday distant someday
sticky records sticky003 released 1993
1. distant someday
2. what's so wrong about the truth
sticky004 watch the sky
sticky records sticky004 released 1994
1. too much nothing
frog comp songs about croaking
frog records croak 4, released 1994
1. distant someday
ddv6 doctor death's volume VI, floribundus
c'est la mort records clm039, released 1994
1. industrial beach
st monst style monsters
c'est la mort records clm45, released 1995
1. when you do
2. industrial beach
3. don't believe in miracles
4. incognito
5. sea song
6. slow verse and rhyme
7. liquid treasure
8. I wonder if you ever wonder
9. love
10. what's so wrong about the truth
11. tumbling down
12. fresh and tense
13. not in the least
14. thick and thin
15. how little it takes
f-autumn forever autumn
c'est la mort records clm50, released 1996
1. forever autumn
2. storm country
spectro spectroscopy
sticky records sticky11 released 1995
1. wisteria
2. spectroscopy
bedazzled woke up smiling
bedazzled records bdz25 released 1996
1. as far as forever
instinct earthrise.shadow.3
shadow records sdw026 released 1997
1. blind man's bluff
rbm010 the dark flower
rbm records rbm010, released 2003
1. blind mans bluff
2. mona lisa smile
3. voice in the wilderness
4. mustard fields [pt 1]
5. la petite mort
6. never say goodbye
7. mustard fields [pt 2]
8. if so blush
9. colorbath [edit]
10. head to hand
11. violet fire
rbm016 johanna's house of glamour
as far as forever
rbm016 released oct 2012
1. forever autumn
2. storm country
3. the unfolding
4. as far as forever
5. dark hour
6. up five flights
7. distant someday
8. wisteria
9. spectroscopy
10. colourbath