the dark flower

Excellent, so you've found your way to the rbm records web-site, and are reading about 'the dark flower'. Well, you might already know that 'the dark flower' is johanna's house of glamour's third lp, 'farewell street' 1991, and 'stylemonsters' 1994 being the other two. This record has been a long time comming, one of the tracks 'colorbath' was recorded in 1994! Dark has been through quite abit. Most of the material was recorded in 1996 and 1997 at johanna's house, Newoprt Rhode Island. If you listen closely you will hear the influences, like Disco Inferno, Scorn, Bill Laswell, Full Moon Scientists ...
Around that time period, we had been working with a new record company, Instinct Records of NYC. C'est La Mort records was no more, having permanently altered the face of rock history. Anyway, they wanted to re-mix all our stuff with hip break beats and what not (think Portastatic, FSOL?) so we waited ... and waited ... and waited ... and then they forgot about us. One of our songs did come out in 1998 on one of those Instinct / Shadow compilations under the name 'Spectral Assignment'. In the mean time we moved out of johanna's house, and Dan and Laura had baby Matthew, who is a proper young gentleman now ...
So now we have the dark flower. These tracks have been transferred from the original Tascam 38 reels, to 20 bit adat, and now onto a MOTU DP3 system. They have been all re-mixed with the exception of 'the mustard fields pt 2' which was one of those hand-done mixes which could never be repeated. The remixing has resulted in an amplification of all the more experimental tracks which we were worried about then ... oops! Listening to dark has brought us back to those very late night sessions of recording our backing 'ambo' tracks, followed by studying Outer Limits tapes for clues to the origin of the species ... enjoy!